Welcome to the preliminary homepage of the OpenXRD project!


OpenXRD is a program for the analysis of X-ray diffraction data.It will comprise scan treatment (background substraction, peak hunting) as well as mineral identification. OpenXRD will read almost any available data format. OpenXRD is free software and published under the GPL.
We will try to establish a free file with mineral data, fed by scientists and given back to scientists.
OpenXRD will be available for Linux/Unix, Windows, and, perhaps Macintosh computers.


Although we have released some source and binary packages for the Linux world, OpenXRD is still alpha-state. The release is just to show that something is going on and where the journey might go. However, it can already be used for AXS-raw files that can be displayed, zoomed, background stripped, and some basic peak searches can be performed. In short, much is done behind the curtain, but it will still take a while, before "just users" take benefit from.

We are looking for scientists and programmers who would like to join the development of OpenXRD.  Maybe you could contribute to one of the following tasks:
  • active programming (C++)
  • GUI design (Qt)
  • provide routines (peak search, background etc.)
  • provide mineral data
  • design the mineral data base
  • send feature suggestions
  • contribute to the website
  • act as a tester
  • do spell checking
  • ....

For programmers
Here you will find a growing collection of background and design information regardin OpenXRD programming .


Stefan Krumm
Geology Dept.
University of Erlangen
Schlossgarten 5
91054 Erlangen